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Mirroxy® Lightboxes

Our 6'x28" Mirroxy® is now available with a less expensive channel molding to support the face panel. This box still has all the some quality interior components that you've come to expect, but glued on frame makes the box more economical.

Bulb colors available are white, blue, green, pink and red (green recommended)

Not a "just like neon" or simulated neon" sign. At 14,000 lux output, Mirroxy® outperforms some neon signs! Our patented reflector system and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods produce a brilliant, neon-intensity sign at unheard of prices.


6"x 28" (1 Lamp)* 6"x 40" (1 Lamp) 10"x 26" (2 Lamps)*
10"x 40" (2 Lamps) 10"x 52" (2 Lamps)° 14.5"x 26" (3 Lamps)*

* Bulb colors available are green, pink, blue, white and red (green recommended)
White bulbs only
° Bulb colors - green, pink, blue and white

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