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Opti-View® Countertop Lightboxes

Space is always at a premium. These four countertop models of OPTI-VIEW® lightboxes provide brilliant, even illumination in a stable, attractive unit. Mass productional and ingenious use of thermoformed plastics allow NATIONAL GRAPHICS to offer the OPTI-VIEW® countertop at prices unheard of in the industry. Highest quality and exceptional pricing means more exposure for your product and better use of your budget.

Supplied with a circular fluorescent, quality diffuser, clear face, and easy change molding, OPTI-VIEW® countertop is available in stock sizes of...

  • 8"x10"
  • 11"x14"
  • 12"x12"
  • 12"x18"

Custom Shapes and sizes available.
Ready to plug-in, includes chain hanging kit!

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